Created by Paulina Nyström
My name is Paulina and I'm a professional football player with a love for visual storytelling. I've lived most of my life with a ball at my feet and a camera in my hand.
Ever since was a child I've been fascinated by animals and things in nature. I remember watching countless wildlife documentary es and just being amazed by the world out there! However I've never seen a lion with my own eyes, but on reset days I've realised that nature is 
I've taken photos throughout my whole life but recently I've felt lost in my pursuit of this art form. I took photos of everything from greenery, cars, jewellery to interior – anything in my surrounding that caught my attention. After some time in this "exploration phase" I felt a lack of purpose and cohesiveness. I was overwhelmed and felt a lack of direction in the big field of photography, I was losing the reasons to why I began taking photos in the first place – telling stories and documenting life.
Progress has always been important to me and Instead of stacking my experiences I was all over the place. Only taking photos at random felt pointless, I wanted a mission, and the mission became this portfolio. Here I can practise my photography and storytelling while expressing something meaningful with a goal in mind.
Inspired by the Earthrise image
The iconic earthrise image was taken back in 1968 as the first humans orbited the moon during the Apollo 8 mission. This photograph, taken with a Swedish Hasselblad camera, is known as the most influential environmental photo ever taken, portraying earth's fragility and purity.
With this passion project I aspire to challenge myself to capture this fragility and purity while inspiring others to also see this in their everyday life.
What i personally appreciate with this image is that there are no cities or cars visible. There's only earth's water, soil and clouds in contrast to the vastness of space.

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